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LucidERP is a simple and all-round tool to help you with everything from time reports to invoicing and automated bookkeeping

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Cloud based

Simple & Secure


Easy to use

The system is built with simplicity in mind. LucidERP is a mobile friendly webbapp - all you need is a web browser. It is role based so the system adapts to the user.


LucidERP is preconfigured following best practice - it's easy to get started on your own.

Carfully selected components

Only essential elements are available. All the things you normally navigate around in other systems are simply not there.


Cloud Only, Safe, Secure and Reliable

We run our enviroments on first class cloud operators

High performance

We run our software with 99.99% uptime on all hardware, and on network connectivity. We keep these in the EU.

Encryption, Protection and Backups

Data transferred between users and LucidERP is encrypted. The system is automatically backed up and all passwords are encrypted with strong cryptography. Multi-factor authentication is available.


And what they do

User Roles

Depending on which role a user is assigned, they'll only see whats relevant and actionable for them.

Time and Expense Reporting

These entries are booked on projects and can be used for revenue recognition / building wip, invoicing, salary, follow-up, etc.


Project entries are subject to approvals. All awaiting approvals are available in one simple view and assigned to the responsible user.

Project Management

Handles options, such as items used in time reporting and their pricing, project VAT and invoicing routes. Reallocate entries between projects, write-up/down entries, handle budgets, and more.


Invoice your project entries - either by project or a collection of projects.

Perform on account invoicing - then use your project entries to settle against the invoice.

Credit an invoice - choose between reopening the underlying entries or not.

Integrated General Ledger

All actions in all parts of the system can post a reflecting entry in the general ledger. For example, when a time report is approved, the system can automatically debit your wip account and credit you revenue account. When time comes for invoicing, the same wip account is credited with a corresponding debit on your AR account, and so forth.

Multiple Currencies

The system has a simple setup for handling multiple currencies and exchange rates

Simple closing of the books with surprising flexibility

The available posting periods are controlled from one view. Closing the books is as simple as moving a start date forward in time. If it turns out you forgot to book something after closing the books, you can add it with correct reference dates but having the financial impact in another period.

Powerful Uploads

The system has integrated powerful upload functions. For example, instead of generating a project entry through a time report, you can just upload entries from your Excel sheet.

Reporting Philosophy

We believe all business look at their data similarly yet differently. Whats important is to be able to extract the relevant data in real-time and in the correct format which is why all our reports can be downloaded to Excel and quickly be analysed.

Excel Compatibility Everywhere

All tables can be downloaded directly to Excel.



API interaction is possible through a RESTful web service.


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  • Unlimited Features
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Free implementation
  • Free Data Migration
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Hidden Costs

  • No payment details required
  • Free for 14 days. The service ends automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

LucidERP offers a rolling monthly subscription which means you are free to cancel at any time, and not be billed for future months (so the term is 30 days at a time).

Sure! Just contact us and we'll get back to you with further details.

We offer volume discounts. General discounts are available for non profit organizations.

LucidERP was created in 2021 because we wanted to do things differently. ERP systems are getting bigger and more complex while customers are yearning for a different direction. They already only use a fraction of the system, constantly having to navigate around to get where they're going instead of navigating directly to their endpoint. With each new release, the complexity keeps growing, and the fraction keeps shrinking. We are determined to turn this around.

At LucidERP, we've spent alot of time just learning and reflecting on the true need of the ERP from the customer's perspective. With this knowledge, we built a system for it, based on the below pillars:

  • Simplicity is desireble. Complexity is undesirable and should be avoided. Aka applying the KISS principle
  • It should be possible to wrap your head around the system.
  • Separate modules should not be intertwined.
  • It should be possible to implement the system quickly with high quality.
  • If you're not happy with the solution, you should be free to leave any time.
  • In every business, there are exceptions to the rule. The system should be designed and configured to smoothly handle the rules, not the exceptions.

  • Lucid means "clearly expressed; easy to understand". We live and constantly improve around it.


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